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My story

I would start from the very beginning but that would require baby pictures. That would be embarrassing and disingenuous since I wasn’t born a designer. My love of art, form, and all things nerd made me one. Was I scared to jump into a career as a self-taught web and graphic designer? Duh! Nearly 6 years and several big name clients later, I would take that leap all over again.

Visual Design

Great sites and apps not only function well, but they look great too. They help users understand how to interact with different elements of the site, and give them new and exciting experiences they can’t get anywhere else. My approach to design is to push the boundaries and always see what’s possible, without it being too much. could enhance or detract the ability of your users to interact with your site.

UI Design

Visual design is only one aspect of designing for the web. I love researching different ways to make sites better for the user, because in the end I am a user as well. I want the best possible experience on a site no matter what device I’m on. In the high speed world of mobile devices UI design is more important than ever. This is one of the most important aspects of creating a site and it keeps users coming back.


One of the biggest challenges for a new company is creating an identity that will stand out from the rest. That’s where I come in. I love putting color palettes together and coming up with logos that are unique and fun. Best of all they speak to what the company stands for. Its elements like these that give brands their own personality and keeps them in your memory.

My Passions

Here are some of my favorite aspects of design. My tastes changes all the time, but these three remain constant.



Type can not only tell a story literally, but visually as well. You can make or break a project by switching from serif to sans serif, call attention to elements or add an accent to imagery. When starting a new project the perfect fonts are one of the first things I research.




Way before I became a designer I have always loved color. I love putting palettes together, and seeing how colors work (and sometimes against) each other. Color invokes a variety of moods and feelings, something I always consider for a project.


Design Trends


Design is a unique and funny thing. Its constantly changing and evolving, sometimes even recycling. One of my favorite things to do is peruse design magazines or sites like Pinterest or Niice for new and different ways to create experiences.

My Work

Being a self-taught designer means having a diverse portfolio. My work runs the gamut from print, digital, and cross-channel. I strive to bring each project to life in a way that’s fun and on-trend. But don’t take my word for it, give my portfolio a looksie.

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“Creativity is a drug I cannot live without”


– Cecil B. DeMille